Let's face it, deciding on the right Wedding Photographer for your "Big Day" can be well....a little overwhelming to say the least.

Where do you start with deciding?  I always recommend that you start by finding a "style" that you feel will never get outdated.  There is a wide range of editing styles.  Trends come and go, but 20 years from now, will you still love your wedding images?  Ask yourself that when you are looking through Photographer wedding portfolios.

Secondly, look for consistently.  Are there only a few images you like from the Photographer or does their entire portfolio "Wow" you?

I would classify my style of work as CLEAN AND CLASSIC.  I jump for joy when I have a client say, "I chose you because I know my wedding pictures will be classic and never outdated".  That is exactly my style and I love it when a prospect gets it.

I would love to meet up with you for a complimentary meeting to show you my wedding products in person.  Let's sit down for a coffee sometime!

For a complete price list, please email me at  Please supply me with your wedding location and date.

To view my wedding portfolio, please stop by my website WEDDING GALLERY at:

Jenn Smith

Above is a 12x12 custom album with a vintage leather brown cover. Below image shows the variety of leathers, suedes and fabrics available for the outside cover of albums, books and CD/Flash drive cases. Images can also be placed on the front.

Below is a variety of premium  cover choices for books, albums, CD and flash drive cases. 

I am so thankful for the letter of recomendation from Jamie, former bride and now a great friend!

Jenn Smith

Phone:  304-679-3108
Cell:     304-580-6422

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